fičo balet 

FIČO BALET is an NGO and an artist led company founded in 2000 by Goran Bogdanovski and Dejan Srhoj and a core group of artistic collaborators. 


Through dance performances, education and festivals we are enabling people to experience dance art in a new way.


Our mission is to create. Transforming the mundane through art, we offer an experience to our collaborators and audiences.


Our artistic work reflects the physical, emotional and mental landscape of everyday life. Condemning mediocrity, we strive to achieve the high creative standards we have set for ourselves.


Since 2000 we collaborated with over 250 artists and organizations, held workshops & education programs for more than 1000 participants and groups, created international dance festivals, produced and performed dance in 24 countries throughout Europe and North America. We have been awarded with some slovenian and international awards. 


 what is fičo and why balet? 

Fičo (Zastava 750) is the first economically accessible car that we have all been able to afford in 70ies in ex-Yugoslavia. It is the smallest car ever produced by Zastava and today almost rarely found. Graceful, aerodynamic and capable to drive incredible distances, it has room for everyone! A true symbol of our region! Whoever is still looking for FIČO - it is dancing on the road since 2000.


We add Ballet to Fičo in 2000, as dance genre from wich draw the first team of dancers in creation of performances 1:0, Švic in Švarc ... Since than, Fičo drove through contemporary dance into development dance, but we kept the word ballet as a memory on our source, which can be revived at any time.


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