Workshop festival in nature, with co-living principles,

a lot of dance, traveling and a bit of spirituality.


14 days of body / mind / energy / voice / dance improvisation tools

by worldwide recognized mentors in international travelling community

move . travel . love . have fun . feel nature . bring kids .dance . sing . cook . eat . live . play . touch . laugh . invite . share . enjoy holidays, experience performing . relax . meditate . swim . fly . dance on fire . heal . create . transform . take it easy . balance . tribalise 

Our program is a contemporary way of travelling and personal growth. Sustainable way of living, creative sharing and cooperation, learning, solidarity are essential for our temporary community. So you can reach your full potential and purely enjoy nature. And dance. Which is about your presence and connection with earth and sky and nature spirits also outside of a dance floor. It goes along with sincerity, honesty, authenticity, appreciation of nature, simplicity, openness and directedness. It is about dropping ambitions and replacing them with curiosity.

You can enjoy a full set of different workshops in the journey and at the same time, you can also enjoy alone. As you feel, as you need. The only rule our community has is to meet in the evening on our temporary tribe’s meeting. We learn from mentors, we share, we learn from each other. We can enjoy the simple life in nature. 

Slovenia and Croatia are beautiful countries in the heart of Europe, where you can enjoy pure nature from magnificent Alps to emerald rivers and pure Mediterranean Sea. 


we will build our community in nature living in tents 
Food and drinks: we will provide locally grown, vegetarian meals, tea and water, no alcohol


Artists / teachers:

Hugo Leonardo Silva (br), Ziya Azazi (tr), Bruno Caverna (br), Nita Little, (usa), Vangelis Legakis (uk), Irene Sposseti (it), Sasha Bezrodnova (ru), Yahu Maankind, Cristian Herera, Boris Magdalenc, Luka Ropret, Meric Firatli (tr), Romana Ercegovič, 

Sandra Anais, Goran Bogdanovski ... 

Organizers: Sandra Anais & Goran Bogdanovski






International Dance festival.

Contemporary Dance between the market and democracy


We survived the end of the world. And its new beginning.

What now?

In last few years CoFestival was created as an answer to the changing and challenging conditions of production and creation. By combining the three autonomous festivals 

Modul-dance, Ukrep and Pleskavica we joined our artistic and production forces. The result was a very rich programme featuring 43 events at 10 different venues. The programme units were mutually informing and fertilizing themselves, questioning and creating the possible frames for long-term collaborations, friendships and commitments.


Presented artists to Ljubljana audience: 

Pina 3D - Wim Wenders, La Veronal (sp), Nuria Font (sp), Cie Shonen (fr), Foowfa D’Imobilite (ch), Jurij Konjar (slo), Antje Pfundnter (d), Tomi Janežič (slo), Itamar Serussi (nl), Anne Juren (at), La Zampa (fr), Mala Kline (slo), The Loose Colective (at), Qudus Onikeku (fr/ng)... to mention just few of them.


Festival board: Goran Bogdanovski, Dejan Srhoj, Dragana Alfirević, Jasmina Založnik, Rok Vevar & Mitja Bravhar.




Short Cuts is a festival of NOMAD Dance Academy. Is an international  contemporary dance staging of ideas of thirteen travelling choreographers and dancers from six South-Slavic, or so-called Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Bulgaria), as well as other countries (Latvia, France, U.S.A, Izrael, Swiss, Germany ... ), who had been living, travelling and creating in the framework of the NOMAD Dance Academy for a 4 monthts.

International Contemporary Dance Festival of NOMAD Dance Academy.

International festival of De-festivalization + Re-festivalization with a motto: »It is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognizes as existent.«. We decided to renounce the programming of finished performances and provided invited artists a space, time and the possibility to meet and conditions to create. 



Celebration of World Dance Day - 29. April

NOMAD Dance Academy's invitation was simple : Go out @ Dance! 


Ljubljana (slo)

Zagreb (cro)

Beograd (ser)

Skopje (mac)

Sarajevo (bih)

Sofija (bg)


@ the same time!

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