John (2008) - John The Other (2011); Goran Bogdanovski & Tomi Janežič

John is a solo dance performance about JOHN.

It was a 4 year long creative process between Goran Bogdanovski and Tomi Janežič, that opens new spaces between dance, theatre and life. Creative methods we used were build upon acting techiques of Michael Chekhov. 


"Let me note that even in this fairly respected field there are people who work sincerely to find new ways in the art of movement plasticity, in order to respond adequately to the challenges of contemporaneity. And they do so with the love for man – not degrading him to the most base instincts but, on the contrary, trying to ennoble him and help him attain the not-so-simple wisdom: How to respect one's own self and, as a consequence, one's own surrounding at that." Elena Antonova, Zavtra, Moscow, 18 Jun 2008


The "Fičo Ballet" from Slovenia was represented by the universal genius Goran Bogdanovski. Undressed to his white panties, John smacked like a vampire, gasped and smiled to the auditorium, shifting from one foot to the other. And since the hero wore glasses, we could experience the presented figure as an intellectual in search of himself" Maja Krilova, ИЮНЯ, Moscow, 6 June 2008



Texts used in performance from:

Jung’s Seminar on Nietzsche’s Zarathustra


accompanied by videos:

1. cage in a lion

3. monolith

5. shity pitty

2. out

4. it's a good day to die

6. step

7. try simple

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